Eyes Testo

Testo Eyes

See through the eyes
Passage to pain
Hard way to find our
What's to be sane

To understand
To comprehend
Grieving to forgive
The core of my shame

Healing the wounds wide open
Cornered in the womb

And no one else knew
But I've been tuched by your eyes
And now I know what it's like
To have to simply survive
When I've been ruled by the grip of blame

It's been so long
Since I have lost
The essence of what
Is precious to me

But no one could steal
Light of my soul
That gift I have left
To eternity

Shadows beyond the doors
The tears of solitude

And no one could see
But I have cried through your eyes
And I still know what it's like
To have to dig deep inside
Searching for memories
Of cloudy days
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