Return Of The Nemesis Testo

Testo Return Of The Nemesis

Return Of The Nemesis
[music and lyrics: Corpse & Bobby]
Nemesis is back!
'This house is cleaned!' Said the priest after exorcism
Death lives here no more so my work is done
After spending the week on the hill, the father just wanted to rest
But he would never leave from the house of the haunted soul
Resurrection in the house of Hades
Death is alive
Doors and windows sealed as the air began to freeze
The priest could nearly breathe as he grapped his cross in fear
From within the house something shouted it loud
'Priest stand back and leave, this house belongs to me!'
Return of the Nemesis
The nemesis is back
[solo: Corpse]
Resurrection in the house of Hades
Blood will flow
'Help me god!'
Darkness falling fast as the light disappears
Nemesis is drawing near, menace from the attic
Unholy stigmatas burning blessed flesh
Servant of heaven now rots in Hell
Desecrating dying hour - Blasphemous feast
Lunatic of god's creation - the Poltergeist beast
In the house of 1000 deaths, holy blood is shed
Servant of heaven forever rots in Hell
Exorcism went ill in the house of the hounted soul
Life became a lie and death was truly alive
The house falls asleep only to be waken again
'cos Evil never dies - Polter fuckin' geist
Return of the Nemesis
The Nemesis is back
Return of the Nemesis
The Nemesis is back
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