Deathrash Legions Testo

Testo Deathrash Legions

Deathrash Legions
[music: Corpse lyrics: Corpse & Bobby]
We were born south of heaven beneath the remains we shall arise
Pile of skulls is the sign of the evil, sign of the restless dead
We're killers who bark at the moon possessed by the antichrist
We heard 'them' call beyond the crypt, we're fighting the world with iron fist
Don't break the oath, the oath of black blood
Just come to the sabbath, sabbath bloody sabbath
We'll kill 'em all and show no mercy
Welcome to hell
The new order is chaos command, to dismember and slaughter the lambs
1st command: reign in blood
2nd command: to dismember
3rd command: is to slaughter
4th command: spread the disease
5th command: scream for vengeance
6th command: thou shalt kill
[solos: Bobby - Corpse]
7th command: bleed for the devil
8th command: let your mind rot
9th command: hang the pope
10th command: thrash till death
This new order is thrash command
Ten commands to world domination
Now you have seen the spell of iron
A true vulgar display of power
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