Slap Her Ass And Ride The Wave In Testo

Testo Slap Her Ass And Ride The Wave In

I am aware
That we are nothing
Carved into the hands of the hopeful
All for what?
How could you do this?
If only you could see me now
If only you could hear me now
I tried to tell you everything
How I wanted to splill blood across the floor
I know you know what it's like to give up on everything
I know you know whats it's like to wish this all had never happened
What did you expect, taking more than can be given?
This is all your fault
Nothing has changed
You're stil the same
I should be leaving
You've turned a sweet girl into a desperate, heartless monster.
It's all I ever wanted
That's not enough
You said it best
You said
Trust me when I say that this will hurt
This is another sick joke
Another bad joke
Think before you speak
As of now you don't mean a fucking thing to me
Bury your face in your hands
Your broken heart is just as bullshit as the rest of them.
One day I know
That I will be
Better off dead
Some things are better left unsaid
Take it back,
Every word.
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