This Fucking Feeling Testo

Testo This Fucking Feeling

You're tricklingAnd tickling
And when you make me cum
You swallow all that I've become
You are an animal
Out of my control
And I don't know how long
I'ts gonna be 'til you are gone
Everything I said to you
Everything I mean to do
All the things I wanna say
Tell you in this game we play
You are so open wide you take me down inside
Nothing left for me to hide
When it's gone I know there's nothing that we haven't tried
What has taken over me
Everything seems so cliche
What is my shit today
I just hope this ends easily
I just sit around all day
Thinking hard of my complaints
Even though you're here for me
Sometimes I want to go away
I always take your bait
Let me taste what you have ate
My mind knows only hate
Look what you can erase
Sucking everything I am
Everything you can
To make me seem okay
When everything else decays
Good god there's nothing I wouldn't do
For a taste of her sweet semen
Good god theres nothing I wouldn't do
To keep this fucking feeling
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