Smell Of You Testo

Testo Smell Of You

I've had enough of you sounds so harshYou tone it down and say I'm not what you're looking for
I can't stand to be this way anymore
Wishing the cure could be found at the drug store
Sometimes I think that It's still my way
Then I remember all the shit that I heard you say
What they all think dosen't matter at all
When you don't want me it makes me feel so small
I taste the smell of you on my hands
I've never done for you all that I think I can
And then tonight you say you've got no doubt
These fucked up feelings will never come from your mouth
This shit has got to catch up with me
I've lied to you and forced you to believe
'I swear to god I really think it will last'
I think the problem is, you love to forget the past
In your eyes all I see is betrayed
And everything I know just falls away
Why is this shit so hard to say
When I wake up the world never looks the same
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