My Teenage Obsession Testo

Testo My Teenage Obsession

I❝ve come this farAnd been waiting for you
I❝ve sat alone
And I've always been confused
About what we were
And where that should have gone
But we were too young
And back then we waited much too long
You hooked me up
To the girl I seemed to need
And the sickness stuck
And you just couldn❝t be seen with me
But now it❝s gone
And it seemed to be ok
And since now you❝re gone
I think about you every day
Everything will be alright
But I'm not falling in love with you
It will be alright
But I❝m not falling in love
This time around it❝s the same thing
We fuck around
I never know what to do
This time around it❝s the same thing
Don❝t give in to me
I❝m bad for you
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