Knot Testo

Testo Knot

I❝m all to blame and I feelThat I don❝t know why
I don❝t know why I dropped the ball
I seem rude and who isn❝t
I found you out and you knew it
On a chance way too real
I will drop you off
And I look back to meet myself
Beneath your tongue I think you knew it
And your selfish mood, you knew it
Act like you all repeat stuff you say
And the highs and lows, it❝s the way it goes
Well I don❝t want to use and get positional
I don❝t want to find you never loved me at all
You tied a knot
Watch it loosen
You tied a knot
Before you tied up loose ends
I poked a hole and I looked through it
I saw you two, to do it
Will be an end
At least it❝s something I know I know
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