Strange Affection Testo

Testo Strange Affection

Give me your bright white eyes
That I might see
The blindness of a narrow-minded flea
We cannot bridge the distance
Don't get too close to me
How deep must you fall down
To understand
That selfishness is always
Built on sand
Waiting for the impact
You got nothing to defend
I'm happy with you, happy with you
Night and day
I'm feeling with you, bleeding with you

I can see no reaction
It's a strange affection
I'm serving you, I'm serving you
As a prey
I'm leaving you, deceiving you
Not today
I can feel no reaction
What a strange affection

I'm trapped within a maze
Of lies and fake
Don't have the strength to speak
To fight or hate
I hang in doubt
My head is cramped
Why did we seek the end
I'm happy with you, happy with you
night and day
I'm feeling with you
Bleeding with you
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