Call My Name Testo

Testo Call My Name

You need someone
I am your friend
The night is falling
You take my hand
Tell me about it
Let me know
What's it got to do with me
Let me show you what it means
To see the pain
To feel the shame
All night and day
But when you need someone you can call
You can call, you can call my name

I can't ignore
The things you do
I can't accept
Your point of view
Think about it
Don't you know
My life does depend on it
Let me show you through my eyes
The faithless face
Behind the mask
Of your disguise
But when you need...

The stormy wind
The raging sea
Don't cause the harm
You did to me
No need to doubt it
Let me go
The price will be paid by you
Let me show you what it means
To wear the stains
To bear the blame
All night and day
But when...
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