All I Want Is You (Come On Over) Testo

Testo All I Want Is You (Come On Over)

(Intro)Come on Over, Come on Over, Baby(4x)

Hey Boy Don't you know I've got something goin' on.
I've got an invitation don't you keep me waitin' all night long.

(PreV) (I Know You Know) So Baby don't (Pretend You Won't) Keep me guessing
with you, (You Will or You Won't)Don't wanna play that game with you baby, So
listen to me...

(Chorus) (All I want is you) Come over here Baby, (All I want is you) You Make
me go crazy, (All I want is you) Now baby don't be shy, you better cross that
line, I'm gonna love you right cause all I want is You.

(Intro)(repeat 2x)

I'm not just talkin' about your sexuality, But I can't help myself when you put
your hands on me.

(PreV2)(It's Paradise) When you and I (Get close Get Tight) With no one I wanna
(Go on all night) I wanna play that game with you baby, So listen to me...

(Chorus) (Repeat)

(Intro) (Repeat 2x)

Don't you wanna be the one tonight, We can do exactly what you like, If you
want it to be just you and me, We can do it let it come so naturally, I gotta
thing for you, We can bend more baby to show that it's real, And it's right
here c'mon.

(PreV3) Come on, Come on, Come on Over. (6x)

What a girl feels, What a girl likes, What a girl needs, What a girl wants.

All I, All I want is you.

(Chorus)(Repeat Out)
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