Us Against The Music Testo

Testo Us Against The Music

All the people in the crowd
Grab a partner, take it down
It's just me, it's just me against the music, yeah

It's whipping my hair

It's pulling my waist
The sweat is dripping all over my face
I'm the only one dancing up in this place
To the beat of the drum, gotta get with that bass

I'm up against the speaker
Trying to take on the music
It's like a competition
Lyric is the beat
I wanna get in the zone
I wanna get in the zone

If you really wanna ride
Saddle up and and get ya rhytm
Try to hit it, you could die
In a minute, I'ma take ah ya on, I'ma take ah ya on

All my people on the floor, let me see you dance
All my people up for more, let me see you dance
All my people round and round, let me see you dance
All my people in the crowd, let me see you dance

Let's take on the song, let's take on the song
All night long, woo

We're almost there
I'm feelin' it bad and I can't explain
I feel the burn
My hips are movin' at a rapid pace
I feel it burn
From the tip of my toes, runnin' through my veins
You lose your turn
Let me see what you got, don't hesitate

Get on the floor, baby lose control
Just work your body and let it go
If you wanna party, just grab somebody
Hey baby, we can dance all night
(Dance all night)

M-A-G-N-E-T (MAD!)
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