Chicks With Dicks Testo

Testo Chicks With Dicks

I live life for the weekends.I like to party right.
I like my beer ice cold,
My pussy wet and tight.
I cashed my checks on Friday
And went straight to a bar.
I met a gorgeous brunette
And took her to my car.
She stripped me to my jock strap.
She was so young and meek.
She vanished in the darkness,
Yelling, 'Let's play hide and seek.'
I peered around the corner
And was frightened by my find:
A penis-totin' homo
With some bufu on the mind.
Chicks with dicks, chicks with dicks,
Transvestites can be proud.
I've never seen a pretty face
On one so well endowed.
Chicks with dicks, chicks with dicks!
Penis envy not required.
Your résumé looks good to me,
And honey, you are hired.
She grabbed me by the gonads
And threw me in the street
And filled my anal cavity
With 15 pounds of meat.
She humped my butt for hours
'Til come drained from my ears,
Then turned my ass on over
To two obliging queers.
She fucked me one more time,
Then made me give her head,
Then drove me to her house
And chained me to her bed.
For months I was her sex slave
'Til I escaped one day,
But I couldn't live without her
So I've come back to stay.
And now I shop at Frederick's
For all my lingerie.
My face is caked with make-up.
My hair is full of spray.
I sleep with gorgeous men
With lots of bucks and class.
I take them for a ride.
Itake them up my ass.
I threw away my old friends.
I found another scene.
I'm happy as a homo.
I'm proud to be a queen.
I've no desire for females.
In fact they make me sick.
I'm every inch a woman
Except, of course, my dick.
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