Wrought In Hell Testo

Testo Wrought In Hell

Smelted steel prepared to be forged
Instruments unimagined before - wrought in hell
Bio-morphic blades cleave whet stones
Slicing effortlessly through bones
Spreaders and clamps and brackets to fasten
For this craft we've found a passion - wrought in hell
To antique equipment we'll not be resigned
Utilizing pieces of our own design
Bunsen burners conflagrate erlenmeyer flasks
Burets are topped with bactericides distilled in casks
Formaldahyde, ether, lividinous tinctures
Medicinal vegetation we've culled
A pestle grinds these pharmaceuticals - wrought in hell
Toxic particulates mixed with saline
The reagent turns a bright shade of green
Through a rebreather, the stench is dulled
As bellows are topped with chemicals - wrought in hell
With tubing and pipe set into place
This spectre of death we'll attempt to erase
Tangled leads are wound around kaleidoscopic brains
Wherein probes are intromitted in constipated veins
Transformer required to break mortal constrains
Turbines spin generating kinetic flow
Conductive kneck bolts will direct the current to go
AC/DC, electrical, jump-start the physiological
(solo: '666 Kill-O-Watts' by J. Kocol)
My medical bag brims with that we have decreed
The tools of reanimation, now our work can proceed
New innovations to revivify all things rotten
Hearts will be made to pulse again with tools wrought in...
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