Untill Death... Testo

Testo Untill Death...

For your obsession is one I cannot satisfy
The frigid touch of the recently deceased

Occupied at the morgue, exsanguinating husks
Man-handling a corpse, I uncovered my desire
I can only be gratified by working stiffs
For me to climax, your life must expire

To be or not to be, is that the question?
I long to see you with a death-white complexion
Expunge my innards and commit mortal sin
You must flay your skin to bear what's within
An irrevocable decision, my suicide
I long to rummage through your insides
A borderline fetish that in life can't be tried
My ecstatic release is for what you will have died

Release your offal in a sanguineous tide

Prostrate fornent instruments of destruction
A slit in the crotch and a blade is cached in
The arterial spray and rivulets of gore
My gonads expelled, the pangs like a virgin

Avulsed intestines are meretriciously discarded
Harvesting kidneys, you comport as your reaper
Incised and excised, you bleed for me
Excavating your torso, you go deeper and deeper

An incision to the abdomen to justify my love
With entrails exposed, I'll find you a cut above
I want to hold your hand when my fingers are degloved
Express yourself by showing what you're made of
After hacking genitalia I see I am sterile
Convulse and regurgitate to sample your own bile
Diced liver and stomach, so normally reviled
Are on the sheets so lovingly compiled

The beauty of a fibrillating heart
Until death do we part

(solo: "Arrythmia and Blues" by S.C. McGrath)

No union as strong as this
Your (my) fate is sealed with a kiss
There lies such sexual bliss
In articulo mortis

Chopped to the bone, your flesh is rent
Tissues morbid, bodily fluids are spent
Human infarction, bloody eruption
Exfoliating dermis, self-inflicted dissection

I espy a ray of light as my life ebbs away
I enter into the abominable display
My heart on my sleeve, sheets, and negligee
I cherish this final auto-da-fe
Having reached the end of my life's breadth
I'll delve into your organs and explore your depth
Orgasm as I exhale my last breath
We have cum to consumate this death

The beauty of a fibrillating heart
Until death do we part

From this mortal coil depart
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