Dominated By The Disease Testo

Testo Dominated By The Disease

You wake up a morning
Have some stomac aches
Not important you tell yourself
And you stop thinking about it
Later that same day
You feel it once again
And it's worst than ever
At that time you really start wondering
At the hospital
After a long check-up
The man in white sits down in front of you
And makes your worst nightmare a reality
Your heart is pumping at foul speed
You would prefer to ignore all this
But the pain refreshes your memories
You're now stuck in the disease tornado
You return to your house to pack your stuff
And take a desperate look around
Knowing that it could be the last vision of your home
While the disease builds its own in your body
Dominated by the disease
Your only hope is to fight to survive
Even if you know that the victim is unlikely
You take the decision to engage in a long internal war
Feeling the Reaper close to you
You grip your heart to seize its last beat
Seeing your life behind
You ask yourself why so much suffering
And to dust your return... clueless...
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