I Love You Testo

Testo I Love You

As we walk along the beachYou whisper softly in my ear
And every word you say
Just helps allay my fears
I love you
I love you
It's beautiful and true
I love you
The first time I ever saw you
I knew I'd seen your face before
And now I've got you here
I will have to count the days no more
I love you
I really do
It's just me and you
And our dreams are coming true
The road ahead it may be rough
There will be ups and downs enough
But we'll get through
From this day on we will share
Every joy and every care
It's all brand new
My search is through
It's unconditionally you
I love you
I love you
No one could could ever pull me down
As long as I've got you around
my happiness will shine
I feel so good it makes me cry
I have not felt this alive
In a very long time
And life is short
It must be put to good use
Or there's no point
I don't need any excuse
I'm not looking back i know
what i must do
And I want to do it all with you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
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