Final Game Testo

Testo Final Game

Final Game
Between wind and water
Between fire and ice
I am the man
Who must realise his future
Prophets and priests
Who are eating my brain
Destroying my mind
Will die in my final game
I will burn the rain
And drain the ocean,
Just feel the pain,
I'm not insane
Cause the day will come,
When you all must play
My final game
I'm awaken
From a frightening dream
My heart is restless
It must be my final game
All of my enemies
Now rescounce from me
If you'll get in my way
I send you to the realm of shades
You lit the dust
I'm digging your grave
You have to fear me
You won't belong to the brave
My endless sorrow
Turned into rage
You'll die in my cage
This is my final game
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