Decadence Avec Elegance Testo

Testo Decadence Avec Elegance

Oh, ah

They're counting down on the doomsday show

The president, government, running wild
It's written on the wall
A minute to go
Might as well
Go out in style
Dressed to kill
For the final fling
Let's party while the empire falls
In the arms of some Romeo
This is the way to forget it all
Dancing chic to chic

Decadence avec elegance
Decadence avec elegance
Oh, woh-woh, oh, woh-woh
Oh, woh-woh, yeah

Monkey see, monkey do, ooh
Pass around the pink champagne
Drink to the human zoo
Mambo jumbo
Then one last tango
Auf wiedersehen

Better to live on reckless night
Than a thousand nights of security
Decadence, mondo cane, raising hell
A night of glory
And rest in peace (peace, peace, peace)


Decadݪncia, ooh
Bunda, bunda... e... bunda, bunda
E ela me diz que seja um bom rapaz
Pratique algum esporte, tenha bons ideais
Afinal de contas, o fim do mundo
NÝ£o Ý© nem o fim do mundo
E se for, descanse em paz

They're counting down on the doomsday show (ten, nine, eight, seven)
The clock on the wall says
A minute to go, ooh
A minute to go, ooh
A minute to go, ooh

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