Sesame Testo

Testo Sesame

They say one for the dough
There's a lot of places we can go
Now you never know And now is already gone
And never is too far away
Did you feel like it's all been done
Well, at least you got it out of the way
So what you want to do today
Let's be bad
But Jane's saying hold me close
I don't want to be alone
And Dick and Jane
They got twin tattoos and a dimestore rhinestone
And Dick and Jane
They'll say it cuts you quickly close to your bone
Where streets are Sesame
Two for the run
But something inside you tells you
Some things can't be done
Infinity counted by ones
It'll drive a man insane
Let's go out having some fun
Well, I'd sit down and start to complain
But I don't want to hear it again
Blah Blah Blah
Jane is headed nowhere faster than a bullet
And Dick and Jane
All the signs said push man why'd you pull it
And Dick and Jane
They say it's all too quick for us to control it
The truth was never as good as they told it
Where streets are Sesame
The signs said Eastbound
Or Westbound down
When it's time to roll
If it's a big food chain
It's headed straight for Jane
Just for the fun
Take a look in your rearview mirror saying
Jane, you are the one
'Cause Jane looked up at the sun
And Dick looked over at Jane
Said it sure had been some fun
And sure enough it started to rain
And the sun went down again
But don't feel bad for Jane
Saying eat my dust man roll like thunder
Dick and Jane
They say it's all just tricks that make us wonder
Dick and Jane
They're gonna get you fixed before you go under
You're running out of places to run
Where streets are Sesame
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