Noam Chomsky Testo

Testo Noam Chomsky

Counting constellations while you're looking through
The microscopipocalypse
While speaking megaMcMadonnalog
In industrialidosages
Drive an Instamatic Cadillac
Through every sociopolopoly
It's all muh-nah muh-nah monopoly
There's no duh-dee duh-dee duh dignity
And realistic cry of cul-de-sac
Fall apart at the seams
A little paranoid to me
Expecting confrontation plodding into view
Through a telescopic catalog
While they realign the cosmograph
After brief important messages
That they whisper into megaphones
I hear it's really catastrophical
I'm speaking purely philosophical
And a circle
And a square
And a trapezoid
You see
Broadcasting live from stations far inside the groove
Spinning out the future retrospect
The omega McMcAlphabet
Spelling out standing invitation
Forming up the queue
I see the demographic acrobat
Writing elements of artifacts
The realistic kind of cul-de-sac
Through the circle
Through the square
Through the trapezoid
Artisti per lettera
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