Here's To Never Growing Up Testo

Testo Here's To Never Growing Up

There I said it, it`s out of my mouth
I hope you heard it cause it`s too late now
Do you get it, that I come unglued
When I pick up the phone and I see that it`s you
Don`t wanna rush it but I’m letting you know
Just what I’m feeling from my head to my toes
And I can`t help it if I don`t make sense
But I`ve made up my mind, jumping off of the fence

We can`t deny,
Boy you and I
Fit together like a hand in a glove
Like a kiss and a hug, boy you`re the one

The stars have got an endless sky
And the melodies got words that rhyme
And baby I got you
(I got you, I got you)

Like Sonny and Cher on the TV screen
My heart has found the missing piece
‘Cause baby I got you, I got you

(I got you, I got you)
Yea, I got you baby
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