Where Did the Beat Go? Testo

Testo Where Did the Beat Go?

uh oh uh oh oh oh (ba da ba dum) 2x
I can hear planes flying over my head
Just hours before you occupy my bed
In our darkness, we conjured up sunlight
In our haste, our need, our thirst we lost our sight
But I was inspired, tracing lines on your face
To the poetry, the first time I heard your name
When I trip from your lips
My heart was like a kick drum
And it silenced the guilt
I wasn't raised to hurt anyone
Uh oh
Does he know
That I'm lyin' in the afterglow
That I'm lyin' but I can't go
Can't say no
Make him think he's crazy
While his paranoia grows
What he should be asking
Is where our love go?
Then I wouldn't be baskin'
In another man's after glow
Where did the beat go?
Where's the beat?

Where did the beat go?
So how do I justify to the judge and the jury
The voices in my head that caused this fury
Never had to play with matches to start a fire
But it got so cold and I though I'd forgotten desire
At first I was your concubine
And then your Madonna
You couldn't see anything beyond your baby's mama
How long is lonely supposed to last?
I was naked and waiting for you to come back
There's a cause and effect, although I took the steps
I dove off the bridge because I had nothing left
All I ever wanted was you
oh oh
And in the absence of you
I fell through
Where did the love go?
oh oh oh oh
Where did the beat go?
oh oh oh oh
Where did the beat go?
oh oh oh oh
Where did the love go?
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