They Still Like Me Testo

Testo They Still Like Me

Drama I'm on fire man rock
(Lets go)
Weezy motherfucker
What it do holla at me
All the niiggas tryin to hate me
And the bitches tryin to have me
I'm a money man
Yep I get it from my daddy ho
In war we can beef like the nolia and the calio
Hollygrove my batte yo
Let that automatic go
Test me while I'm chillin
And I kill you from my patio
Bitch my shadow look good
I'm just feelin Weezy
Hop in my shit and say goodbye
Cause the ceilings leavin
Believe me
They ain't tryin to see me
Tell 'em I be the nigga with the burner in the beanie
I'm the fireman
She just call me when she steamin
I wet her up and put her out and leave the bitch dreamin
Niggaz say they hot
But its really not seemin
If these guys bad then I gotta be a deamon
Wayne's getting money like Damon and Kenan
Try and take it from me and I'm aimin and squeezin
Bangin and leavin
Stains on the cement
Slide the crackers something
So they tame the policemen
Left in a porche
Came in a car-nation
I'm fresh
Man the gucci sweats came with the creases
I'm hot but I'm cold
I just change with the seasons
Tryin to put some cheese on my pieces
If you lookin for your nigga
I be where the water gets deeper
Huggin on that money
Tryin to put it in a sleeper
Yea I'm here
Who the fuck wanna say somethin
Leave your whole head empty
Like a straight pumpkin
Make no assumption
I'm hustlin
Your girlfriend guzzlin
And you thought she wasn't
Name still buzzin even when I'm doin nothin
But I'm never dioig nothin
Cause I'm always getting money
That's simple jackass
If you don't get it your a dummy
And them niggaz that push me
Ain't nut but pure pussy
Sure honey I done heard what you said
But if a nigga really cared
You'd already be dead
Just some young ass niggaz
With some old ass bread
Yes I keep them dollas running
Like them bitches got legs
Now my nigga Taz Po
Been ridin with me since Keds
And my right wrist
Is looking like a cracked open egg
Thays white and yellow diamonds
Adjust your lighting
I got 'em so mad but
Oh I think they like me
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