Where Demons Dwell Testo

Testo Where Demons Dwell

Lords of chaos
Raise to murder
Swear to the black.
Angel grinder
Entangled in madness
Gather the demons.
Lords of worms
Spirit of the deep
Devour the human flesh
Chambers of carnage
Kingdom of the dead
Devil's infernal storm
For all the centuries.
Nocturnal shadow will fall
As divine light now will gone
Gate to hades open wide
Upon the path Where Demons Dwell.
Bizarre temple
Of fallen idols
Ripping pestilence
Of painful sorrow.
From the vaults they will come through fire
Beyond the gates of darkest pits
Hell await to rise again
Desolation through centuries curse remains
I've seen the angel of light
And thousand beasts consuming the skies.
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