Firestorm Testo

Testo Firestorm

No more church of god
Here in after and beyond
We will be thy hell
You can believe what I tell.
Those of the underworld
Serpents from the eternal void
Blackest parasites
Rise to the bleeding skies.
Seven angels of plague
Riding the Firestorms.
Feasting with the damned
Ruthless and wicked
Fucking your religion
Kill yourself!
Hate and anger against the lamb
Fucked Christ in his kingdom of greed
Fallen rites of dead empire
Murderer of god !
In this hell buried alive
No escape from here you will die
Spirits become slaves of mine
Damned be thy name !
Repeat 1st - chorus
Blaze of world cremation
Armageddon finally approach
In battles beasts attack with anger
Dragons of chaos rise, crumbling divine.
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