Your Truth Testo

Testo Your Truth

So shallow
You'll never find the answers
But you'll search forever
For a reason
The emptiness around you
Never fills the void
So hollow
Always wondering why
It makes no sense to you
Your meaning
Your need for something more
Just leads you right back
To you
Drowning in your torment
Your deeper meaning is a fallacy
Your truth
Covered up in fantasy
Manufactured to forget who you are
So blind
Your life is what you made it
Your higher power doesn't listen anymore
To you
Your pathetic desperation
Has left you where you are
So shocking
You never saw this coming
You'll always be so blind
In believing
The confidence around you
Will ever make you whole
So tragic
Always falling short
Of hiding the truth
That your feeling
Of wanting something more
Just comes right back
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