Rift Testo

Testo Rift

Here I stand all alone
Drowning in regret
I have myself to blame again
No words can make ammends
I an the damage
I'm the loss
I am everything that breaks down
I am the reason
I am the cause
I am the wound I'll never close
These things I never wanted
Tearing through me
Destroying everything I've done
My rotten whispers
Speak to no one
Yet these walls will not fall down
It's breaking me down
And no one ever seemed to see
How much it really meant to me
It cut me deeper than we knew
And all the things we ever felt
Are buried underneath my guilt
It's expanding with time
And the storm I brought between us
Will burn us forever
I've lost everthing inside
I have torn apart the threads that held my soul together
One more time
And all I've had I've lost
One by one they fall apart again
My tortured mind cannot revive
The dreams I've thrown away this time
I've almost lost myself
I've never been so alone
Your memory never fades
I don't want what I've become
But I am left with this
I trapped myself
Inside believing
I would never lose my ground
I forced you out alone
My world fell apart the day you left
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