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Testo Overcast

Say goodbye to the time that cannot move on
The pictures that record our lives have fallen to the ground
Voices of tomorrow kill the face of yesterday
Reaching out to nothing to a hand so far away
You can cover up the lies but you cannot make amends
The towers we have built in time have grown beyond defense
Moving beyond the original concern
I am years before and life is so obscure
I've fallen down so low
For this I've paid a price so extreme
What's the compensation for the failure of these dreams
You opened up the void and threw it all away
The light is growing dim on a life of dismay
I remember the time I can feel it bleed
I could almost touch the sun but now I'm down on my knees
In a reckless deed of error the terror will repeat
Past and present fuse together leading to deceit
Say goodbye to the ones you care about the most
The stories we have built in life are never worth their price
Charters of tomorrow clash with yesterday
Holding out for nothing for warmth so far away
You can burn away the lies and never make amends
The fortress I have built inside has strengthened its defense
Falling behind the original burn
Years stripped away your excuses so absurd
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