Malady Testo

Testo Malady

She tries to deny what's on the inside
She lies to disguise the infection that has seized her mind
But we've all seen it now no use in trying to hide
These thoughts she wants to disavow but we just won't abide
She strives to defy what's on the outside
She fights to portray the perfection that eludes her mind
But we❝ve all seen it now no use in trying to hide
This truth it kills her everyday but she just smiles and hides
I took your fears and demeaned them (It's your malady)
The tears you cried tell me did they sting
I took your lies and exposed them (It's your malady)
The delusions in your head tell me what do they say
She thinks she conceals this act she clings to
The past filled with filth her deception tries to leave behind
But we've all seen it now the new and perfect fake
And still she holds her head up high believes she's fooled us all
She dreams of what I have this voice will haunt her
Her angel's gone away it's rejection that leaves her behind
But we've all seen it now she covets what I have
My fate is what she wants to harm but it's untouchable
You took my truth and destroyed it (It's your malady)
How dare you ask if I'll ever back down
You let your jealousy break you (It's your malady)
The obsessions you can't face they'll never leave your head
We took what's right and ignored it (It's our malady)
The truth is that we've all played this game
We know inside we are all wrong (It's our malady)
The animosity in our hearts it will always bring us down
Humans all plagued with such hatred (The world's malady)
We are the core of such a sick disease
Humans all torn by our demons (The world's malady)
We'll fucking burn and agonize in flames that we can't stop
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