Faded Into One Testo

Testo Faded Into One

You know the way it is
Everything is the same
I'm losing myself
So you'll remember my name
In another time in another place
Things could have been different
But you only see what's in the front
All the shades faded into one
Your apathy worn into me
You don't even know
What this is about
I see you now
Lost in the sound
Of this resignation
The endlessness of your routine
This is your reflection
And I promise you
That what you see
Stands without integrity
No matter what it used to be
It's the wrong direction
I can't fight this anymore
I've turned to the past
And locked the door
Sinking down to the depths below
This compromise was made for you
But can't you see how much you'll bleed
When time ignores all that you need
And don't see the fading light
As it interferes with your narrow sight.
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