The Age Of Antichrist Testo

Testo The Age Of Antichrist

The Age Of Antichrist
We're here to retaliate the Resurrection of Christ
Reborn in Blasphemy
Let's crucifie
Into the Garden of the Crucified One
There, where Love dwells
We will fall to rip the Flesh...
...And to drink the Blood of the Holy
Crawl to the Cross - Kiss the Sign of Jesus Christ
Pray & crawl - Are you satisfied
Is that your Life - Faithful Slave
I piss on you - I spit in your Face
Sheep like Race - I spit in your Face
Eat the Guts of Holy Virgin
Suck her Pussy dry
The Whore of God's now dreaming
Of Lust & tormented Skies
Rebirth - That's our Age, Antichrist
Reborn - To retaliate the Resurrection of Christ
I'm Antichrist
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