Impaler Of Souls Testo

Testo Impaler Of Souls

Summoned by your fear
His power begins to rise
Pain is all that's left
Await your swift demise
Impaled upon the spikes of hate
Twisted visions seals your fat
Helpless cries are all to late
Crucify angelic soul.
Rising from the shadows
Dark lord of the night
Cursed by your own blindness
Victim of his might
Punishing the worthless
Stabbing the naive
Conscripted Satan's legions
Accept, believe.
Sacrificed in orgy of hate
Pathetic soul is crushed
Blood spills on the altar
To feed his demons thirst.
Darkness, shadows, cold
Impaler of souls.
Your pain will give us pleasure
As your mortal flesh is ripped
Laughters all you hear
As you're thrown into the crypt.
[Solo - Drew]
Darkness, shadows, cold
Impaler of souls.
Running blind with fear
Your death is close at hand
Where's your God when you need him most
Exorcise the Holy Ghost
Demolish the altar of God
Chaos guts the ordered earth
Ravage the saintly clowns
Cleanse them, bring them down.
[Solo - Drew]
Darkness, shadows, cold
Impaler of souls.
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