Right To Die Testo

Testo Right To Die

Terminal brain death, skin pocked by bed sores
Mockery of sentience on life support
A feeding tube to insert
Your last wishes to pervert
Dignity denied, an existence to deplore
Platitudes and convictions defending life, we'll offer
So long as there's no c├Žsura to bills that fill our coffers
Atrophy as muscles wither, alive with decay
Pulmonary function maintained by machines everyday
Vile secretions are collected
Hydrating saline is injected
Hopeless is the cause, still we grind away
Rest in peace we deny
You can have no right to die
Diatribes to deny
Your amoral right to die
A conscienceless will not perceive prolonged suffering
Your pale, half-dead corpse employed for a martyring
A somnambulist to parade
During our right-wing tirade
For us, your vegetative state is all empowering
[solo: 'Operation: Life... Sucks' - J. Kocol]
You have lost your right to die
Right to die
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