Deranged Testo

Testo Deranged

[music - Andrew LaBarre, lyrics - Ross Sewage]
By minacious wards detained
Fuliginous lazaretto
A mephitis contained
In epinosic ghettos
By bonds, incommoded on the palodal floor
Fungal growths' spores permeate pleura
Bronchia inflamed and infection of the jugular
Trachomal conjunctivitis
Suffering colitis
Dyschezia leaves me deranged
Bacterial meningitis
From unhygienic conditions
Microbes gorge on dura mater
Distorting my encephalon
Sequestered in the pitch
Given pause to ruminate
Obsessing on my malefactors
Festering unbridled hate
Empowering the id
Homicidal rage
Conjugation in my head
Necro-neural rampage
[solo: 'Fitibulating Moneosis and the Spondilation of Neologisms' by A.S. LaBarre]
Confinement sought as psychological panacea
Malpractical solution, a Hippocratic crime
Bed sores nourish a querulous nature
And from the onset of hebephrenia, I'm deranged
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