The Condemned Testo

Testo The Condemned

Bound to this hallowed earth, where no life tastes the sun
Amongst the ruins of mankind, the dark and I are one
Flesh and blood just a memory, time's forgotten tome
Dismal like the world above, where life is tortured still
I lie here the condemned
In the darkness and the filth
Soon to be the graves
Of the lives we failed to save
The hand of God keeps striking down, his soldiers raging on
Doing all the Devil's work, in God's name they are absolved
The epiphany that the world is dying will be too late to change
Greed and anger seeps deeply in, giving earth it's daily bread
We'll all lie here condemned
In the darkness and the filth
For they'll never find the way
To survive another day
Soon they'll join us
Bound to destroy it all
Soon they'll become us
Bound to this blackened earth
The light is dimming, mankind is failing, hold on to what you can
As the hours pass, all is lost, these wicked times are coming fast
'The world is damned to join the dead, we'll pull the bodies down
The blood of a dying race, floods the soil below
In the ashes, and the dust, winds carry the spirits through
Soul by soul, taken swift, like a hurricane of fire
The light is gone, mankind is damned, you've let it slip away
The time has come, your souls are lost, the wicked join the dead
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