Passion Kill Testo

Testo Passion Kill

Warm your souls, burn your hearts
Speak the word, speak the lies
Repeat the prayers, repent the sins
Can you believe, can you kill
The clash of saviors and the clash of men
In a time of worry and a time of war
Arm the masses and disarm the truth
As the pious bask in a holy fervor
Find their way, lose themselves
Find your faith, lose your mind
Give your trust, take your chance
Heaven promised, death achieved
Tyrannical rule in the name of god
Thirsty for territory and thirsty for blood
Creating the myth while creating the mayhem
As the world endures another era in suffering
Passion lives
Passion grows
Passion hates
Passion Kills
God will embrace you
God will raise you
God will comfort you
God will save you
God will punish you
God will torture you
God will silence you
God will destroy you
Passion lives
Passion grows
Passion hates
Passion Kills
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