At Mourning's Twilight Testo

Testo At Mourning's Twilight

Can you feel it coming
Can you feel it closing in
Looming all around us
A horror waiting to begin
Smell it in the air
A sense of havoc growing strong
the tides about the truth
Poised to take us down
And one by one we'll fall... Giants side by side
And one by one we'll fall... The irony of our end
Rage of silence builds
A calm that's so deceitful
We're our own prey
Watching the night fall
We can not stop this
It pulls us under
The tides now turning
Poised to strike us down
And one by one we'll fall... We'll slowly dissapear
And one by one we'll fall... Our darkest day draws near
We had it in our hands, we thought we had the power
But controll was an illusion that finally defied us
Took it all for granted, too little was too late
Finally catching up to us, grandeur has a heavy cost
Burn the world around us, incinerate the skies
Fading into nothing, but what did we expect
Now the final fury of our final hours
In awe of what we've done, so beautiful to watch
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