Hope Testo

Testo Hope

There is no win with your abuse
It kills my soul
You ask me to open up like a flower and let you in
I ask for nothing, but you take it all.
You are so cruel
You are like a demon to me
An ugly, ugly demon.
There is no win with you
If I'm nice you take advantage
With you sweetness
I begin to hate myself
The burden of your soccery weighs heavy on my soul.
So I take a stand
and say no to your lies
And you say
Well I don't know what you're talking about.
No win
I try to control
It becomes an obsession
I'm out of my mind
No win
What's left?
A fuck you?
Don't talk? Be the bad guy?
Ignore it?
No win
I just have to be me
and walk away
and remember how
heaven and hell are playing out in my mind!!
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