Shorty Testo

Testo Shorty

Featuring keith murray
1 - shorty you keep playin❝ with my mind
You tease me all the time but I had enough
Maybe I should ask your girlfriends why
Why you are so afraid to fall in love
Girl I won❝t get next to you
You know I don❝t like sweatin❝ you
But something ❝bout the way you make me feel
You got me in this fantasy
And all my friends keep tellin❝ me
Shorty❝s kinda hot, so what❝s the deal?
2 - cuz we been spendin❝, rollin❝, livin❝, showin❝
We got some time for play
But you❝ve been player hatin❝, waitin❝
For this rhyme to pass away
Repeat 1
You only get the best with me
I wanna give you everything
And anything you ask of me I will
And I don❝t want to front on you
So tell me what you wanna do
And if I❝m not the one
Just keep it real
Repeat 2
Repeat 1
[keith murray]
Now first of all baby, what❝s my name?
Spell it backwards you read game
I❝m known for splittin❝ wigs and readin❝ brains
And when I say splittin❝ wigs and readin❝ brains
I mean breakin❝ it down conversation-wise
Let me explain
I❝m in your corner, girl be on my team
Together we could fulfill each other❝s life dream
We both gemini so we got 2 sides
Our zodiac sign is the perfect sign
Cuz she replied, "all gemini❝s lie"
I guess this is what it feels like when doves cry
Your attitude is deep cover
Won❝t give me the number
Cold play me out like a foul, a bleep or a blunder
It❝s like a burnin❝ in the chest, a cardiac arrest
You look like you havin❝ fun puttin❝ me thru stress
So in between time and in the meantime
You do your thing and I do mine
But don❝t play wit my mind
Shorty, shorty
Won❝t you please get naughty with me
And if you really wanna
I can be your fantasy
You are so afraid, oh baby
Repeat 1 until fade
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