Always Been You Testo

Testo Always Been You

I like her but, I love you
She want me and you do too
But if you ask me who, it❝s always been you
I like her smile, but I like your style
Girl you❝re the only one my heart desires...
I gotta tell the truth it❝s always been you
Somebody saw me yesterday, out at the movies
With some other girl
They told you something❝s going on
And now you got it in your mind that
I❝ve been playin❝ but baby I❝m sayin❝
I never meant to do you wrong
Now you wanna know if I❝m down with you alone,
Baby I❝m admitting
I was only trippin you are my only love
I always thought about,
How I could get her
But when I was with her
I only thought about you (baby)
So don❝t ever feel that I❝ll leave you hanging
Girl, your love is banging...
And I ain❝t about to let you go (oh,no)
It ain❝t so hard to choose (so hard to choose)
It❝s you I don❝t wanna lose
If those crazy thoughts get in yout head
They❝ll turn you away from me
Whenever we❝re together
I can❝t get any better
So when they bring you the stories
Baby don❝e believe a thing
Cause you❝ll always be my lady
And she❝ll only be my friend (oh, I love you)
And I don❝t know what to do without you
Chorus to fade
Your the only one the only girl I want
No one else can come between us you know
(anything for you)
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