Poughkeepsie Testo

Testo Poughkeepsie

Summer day, she stays by her window
Her saggy flesh it sweeps the floor
Down her steps and through her hallway
Coming out her door and
Have you seen it?
Have you?
I've seen that too
And so have you
Now man holds hands, head, neck, shaped cobweb
White oil fills each pore
Again down your steps and through your hallway
Jumping out your door and
Have you done it?
Have you?
I've done that too
And so have you
Well, love me tender
V-v-v-v-v-v-iva las vegas
And hounddog
All shook up
Heartbreak hotel
Lawdy, miss clawdy
Blue moon
Blue suede shoes and
Have you heard it?
Have you?
I've heard that too
And i know for sure that so have you
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