Winter's Summer Testo

Testo Winter's Summer

Maybe my purpose is deeper then what I thoughtMaybe the water has more to offer then what I caught
Perhaps what I thought I saw
Was really nothing at all
I guess this summer love was just
A little winter in June
I don't want my summer love back
The letters are pain enough
The water is to rough
To dive back in
And start over again
I wish my shoes would fit you
So you could see what I'm going through
I wish that your eyes weren't so dark
So they could see through mine
The colors that they painted you
Aren't what they painted me
Maybe what I'm left to see
Is summer love wasn't meant to be
Winter never seemed so near
I don't need to see the snowfall
To predict a blizzard
And just to think I had it all
Why didn't she just call?
The letters that you wrote
And the lies that they coat
The things worth believing in
Never seemed so wrong
Why can't I see what is so clear?
Summer is over and fall is here
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