Waiting For Solace Testo

Testo Waiting For Solace

The sun committed no suicideEven the moon is a murderer now
And the tears that hurt more then breaking the skin
Barely dented the canopy I hide in
Surrounded by curtains harder then steel
I found the illusion in what is real
And the depths of the ocean
Are deeper then I thought
It's within these rare peaceful boundaries
That I wade in pools of light
And so I walk through loneliness
In it's purest form
Hoping that relief will come my way
And find a way through the storm
On I walk down nameless streets
Each one longer then the last
Trying to keep my head up, trying to go on
Trying to ignore the roads that lay in the past
Walking through the graveyard
Anonymous whispers echo indescribably
The pillars of ice that they've melted
A vicious understanding built on shame and guilt
You etched it in my back
But the wounds have healed
And now not even the scars
Can a be a shield
And successfully yield
To the silence that you've asked for
If I could only cry you to sleep
Watch your dry, lifeless skin soak me tears
If I could only drown you in my hatred
If I could show you the side effects of 3 hole years
Waiting for solace hurts so bad
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