Three's A Crowd Testo

Testo Three's A Crowd

I tired to look in and II tried to see you in there
Under those clothes you wear
And somewhere beneath the hair
I tired to hear your
Your so sweet tone
Because I've started feeling alone
And there is darkness where the light should have shown
Oh, I tired to see you in there
I tired to find some someplace,
Beneath that not too familiar face
The old you
There has to be space
I tired not to believe what people said
But now I've got some of my own thoughts in my head
To ricochet, everyday
Inside my mind
Doing ballet
Moves that you taught them
I tried to find somewhere
Somewhere that might have room for me
Two is company
And then there is three
Three's a crowd
Your silent whisper says it so loud
I know we're through
Is it wrong to still want you?
And all the things you used to
And all the dirty things you used to say
In the bed where we used to lay
I burned the sheets
But time repeats
And now I know where I was meant to be
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