Take Me Away Testo

Testo Take Me Away

I know that you won't give up on meYou don't forget who I am
But you burn me with your eyes
Look in mine but see past the lies
Try and hold to what I've handed you
Try and tell me just what I can do
To try and make it clear that I
I have not changed at all
I tried to alter
To what they wanted me to be
I changed to a version of the same
It hurt to see reflections
It burned to hear the echo
And now I beg
I'm on my knees begging
That you won't join the crown
And forget who I am
Because I'm not a nobody
Take me away from here
You're all that matters now
I don't need the past
It left me all to fast
Take me away from here
Move me further then I've ever gone before
Prove to me that there is more
There are no more words left to say
Just take me away
I don't want to stand here in
A cloud of dust surrounded by fabrication
I won't do that to myself anymore
It's not valued at what it was before
Take me away from their truthful lies
And misleading eyes
That could twist a twisted tangle
Throw you 90 degrees from the right angle
Take me away from here
Another place
Another time
Another mountain
For me to climb
More clock space
To be misread
And to be mislead
I don't want anything to do with it
Take me away
Take me away
Take me far, far, far, far away
Another time
Another day
I'm ready to move on
I'm ready to start singing my own song
And start finding my own way
First just take me away
Take me far away from here
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