Sweet Catastrophe Testo

Testo Sweet Catastrophe

This sweet catastrophe that you createdThis uncalled for silent war that you said you hated
This so sweet, sweet but so very bitter
And it sparkles without glitter
You can see it for miles
And it's filed in so many files
The bed sits in the middle of room
That is otherwise bare
Of a room that has no reason for being there
This sweet catastrophic parting you created
And then you rated on a
Scale from one to ten
And then you watched it happen again
This sweet catastrophic parting that you fashioned
All the nights, and all the passion
That you burned with the fire that you never put a match to
This sweet catastrophic parting you have shaped
And then raped of everything worth something
What I'm getting back is what I just gave away
And the words you use against me are what I thought I'd never say
This sweet catastrophe parting you twisted
Took all the love that still existed
All I thought was still alive
Was what you proved didn't survive
This sweet catastrophic parting you molded
Took the corners and you folded
Them down and now is hurts
Now it hurts, now it hurts
This is so sweet, this is so bitter
And you are the transmitter
Of a hate that is so pure
I don't even want it anymore
This sweet catastrophic parting you created
This sweet catastrophe
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