Silver Testo

Testo Silver

The city lights outline her silhouetteAnd the skyscrapers out number her
She's walking through LA's streets
And slowly she's loosing herself
Her shadow jumps on taxicabs
As they refuse her admission in
So she walks into the nearest bar
And drinks until she hits 86
There is no reason, to her leaving
And tonight she'll commit no treason
She's only out to loose herself tonight
And she's doing a good job
Like silver, reflecting off everything
But always thought as second best
Who knows how long, how long?
She can go before she's gone
She's loosing herself in the neon signs
She can't seem to keep herself inside the lines
The city is calling her name with force
And slowly she looses herself to it
She's loosing herself
There's no real reason to her leaving tonight
I guess she wants more then what she had before
And I can't give her that
So she's loosing herself and it hurts to watch
As she drinks down all the beer then she switches to scotch
Over the rocks
And she doesn't wake where she feel to sleep
Like silver, reflecting off everything
Leaving with out leaving a trace
Beside her beauty and her grace
She's got only morning to face
She's loosing her self
Who knows, how long, how long?
She can go before she's gone
How long, how long before she's gone
She'll wake up at the ocean's shore
Can't we reverse? to the ocean she'll implore
But, what's done if done
And it's done, she's lost, she's gone
Like silver
She's already lost her self
It was so trouble-free
Now she'll come home to me
And want me to say
Its all okay
But it's not
She's gone
And she'll loose her self again later
Like silver
Oh, yeah.
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