She's Everything Testo

Testo She's Everything

Drowning now in the bottomless seaFalling into all the hollow poetry
And waking in an unfamiliar bed
Getting quoted on all the things I never said
Falling in love with love, in love with me
Finding gold on an island call poverty
Reading books that have no ending
Writing letters that need no sending
Filling glasses that went unfilled
Hugging things that you thought were killed
She is like watching the stars collide
Like sitting on the line between in and outside
Listening to sounds that don't make any sense
Straddling a line separating present and past tense
She knows all the answers to all the questions
All the thank yous for the perfect suggestions
She knows what's happening before it occurs
She's my life and I'm hers
But in her secret garden she keeps all her flowers
She says they aren't hers, says they are ours
She isn't invincible like I thought
No, she isn't invincible, though she fought to be everything, everything
But she already is
Everything, everything
Yes, she already is
Everything, everything
To me
Everything, everything
She's everything to me
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