Runaway Testo

Testo Runaway

When the sun just starts to riseIn the big city outside these streets
The sun sets on the ocean
Fights the traffic but traffic defeats
And when the early risers get their coffee
When the morning glories bloom
That's when the wind starts blowing
And sweeps up all the gloom
There is a light that's leading me
To the place where I find peace
There is a bird that I grip firmly
But someday will release
And there is a hope that keeps me trusting
Keeps me holding those fidgeting dreams
There is a cover that will shield me
From that past of blood and screams
And my life is not a coloring book
For someone to color in the lines
These streets to not mark the end of my success
Neither do the traffic lights or stop signs
I know there is a life out there somewhere
Out side the edge of the town
I could find it if I just felt like leaving
But I have so much that's keeping me down
Runaway sunshine
Runaway rain
Run away anger
Runaway pain
Runaway future
Runaway past
Runaway quickly
Runaway fast
Lonely days make for lonely nights
Runaway sunshine
Oh, runaway, runaway
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